Kevin M. Alicea-Torres, PhD

Throughout my professional and academic career, I have been actively involved in science, communication, and outreach initiatives, as well as in retention and recruitment of underrepresented students in STEM. My goal is to continue engaging with the next generation of scientists from disadvantage backgrounds.


Cancer Immunologist

I have a PhD in Cell and Molecular Biology with a specialization in Cancer Immunology from the University of Pennsylvania.

I conducted my thesis research in Dr. Dmitry Gabrilovich’s lab at The Wistar Institute. My research focused on immune suppression in the tumor microenvironment, where I was able to develop a novel combinatorial with small molecules and immunotherapy to potentially treat cancer patients.

Kevin at the lab.JPG

Science Communicator and Writer

During the summer 2020, as an AAAS Mass Media fellow, I was a science writer at El Nuevo Día Newspaper in Puerto Rico, where I developed effective writing and communication strategies that allowed me to engage with the broader audiences, especially those from Spanish-language communities.

In addition, I’m the co-founder of “Caminos en Ciencia”, a science communication platform in where we conduct in-person interviews with Latin American scientists from all over the world and we discuss their career development as well as their surpassed struggles that led to their success in their respective fields. 


Advocate of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion


Kevin M. Alicea-Torres, PhD